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Cats are masters at hiding their emotions, even from the people they know best. Because they have developed advanced body language cues to communicate, knowing what they are trying to tell us can take a good bit of deciphering.

The good news is that if you’re the type of person who worries about having a happy cat, you’re probably a fantastic pet parent already—but if you need some more concrete signs that your kitty is content, we don’t blame you! Here are some of the most telling signs that a happy cat displays:

5 Signs Cats Are Happy

1. They Feel Chatty. While some cats are certainly more vocal than others, in general, happy kitties will have a lot to chat about with their owners. Some research even suggests communicating with humans is the main purpose of meowing, so if they try to carry on a conversation, take it as a good sign!

2. Their Body Language Is Positive. Cats communicate many messages with their body language. For example, sleeping in a curled position with their paws tucked and the trademark question mark tail are both good indicators that all is well.

3. They Show Curiosity. Happy cats will be comfortable in their environments and also eager to learn more about what surrounds them. Exploring shelves, seeking out nooks and investigating new items that are brought into the house are all signs of a curious and content kitty.

4. They Keep Themselves Presentable. The fact that cats self-groom is a major perk of cat ownership, but did you know that this can also be correlated to their overall happiness? Cats who are depressed or otherwise upset will often neglect their grooming duties, so if yours are staying neat and tidy, they’re probably quite happy, too.

5. They Exhibit a Healthy Appetite. Finally, one of the biggest indicators that cats are happy is their appetite. Many people have traveled or moved with their cats and discovered that their cats take a meal hiatus until they get settled. This is totally normal, but a cat’s lack of interest in regular, familiar meals is often one of the first signs that something may be up.

At Happy Cat Hotel, our main focus is keeping cats as happy as they can be! If that is your main goal as well, learn more about franchising opportunities to learn how you can turn loving cats into a career.

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