A Cat-Centric Bed & Breakfast is the Idea You Haven’t Considered

According to IBISWorld, a leading market research firm, there are just over 8,000 bed-and-breakfast accommodations in the U.S., employing just over 20,000 workers. Of course, owning and operating a “B&B” has been at the top of many a retiree’s wish list, even capturing the attention of Hollywood with the hit TV show, “Newhart”. But before too many people got the chance to open their own boarding house and kitchen, along came a new industry player in 2007 named Airbnb. In changing the business model to that of an on-demand service, an additional four million hosts have since crowded into the hospitality space, saturating the market.


But we’re here to tell you that your dream of one day owning a bed-and-breakfast of your own isn’t over. That is, if you’re willing to host and service a non-human clientele. Welcome to the Happy Cat Hotel & Spa, the only cat-centric pet care business opportunity in the world of franchising. Now let’s take you on a quick journey that highlights the appealing novelty of our business opportunity:


Dollars and Sense

If you’re a pet lover to begin with, you might wonder why all the attention for dogs, dog boarding, dog day care, dog cantinas, and do-it-yourself doggie bathing salons. They’re everywhere—and they’re pricey, too. Did you know that some of the well-known dog day care franchises require upwards of $1 million in capital? You could buy your own Airbnb for that! And let’s continue talking about numbers. There are 2.1 cats per family in the U.S., compared to 1.2 dogs per family. Cats outnumber dogs by 6 million. But until Happy Cat Hotel & Spa came along, there was nobody willing to upset the Catus Quo!


What You Get

When you choose to franchise with us, you’ll be in business for yourself—but never by yourself. That’s because you’ll have a corporate guide for your journey. We provide intensive support in the form of site selection assistance, vendor relationships, supply chain establishment, project management, and systems training right down to the smallest detail. We do this because when you choose to franchise, you’re choosing an environment where ensuring success as a business owner is a collective effort. Follow this link for some additional specifics.


Where Every Day is Caturday

For both the Baby Boomer and Millennial generations, the Happy Cat Hotel & Spa could become a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a business of your own, one that you enjoy each and every day. It’s a remarkably positioned business opportunity with no direct competitors, a cheaper buy-in level, and faster ramp-up than similar pet care concepts on the market today. To see what your life might look like as a franchise owner, watch this brief but entertaining video montage.


As a brand, we’re continuing to grow our network of franchised locations across the U.S. If you’re ready to consider just how your life might change as the owner of your own pet care business, reach out and schedule an initial conversation with us. We can help you build that bed-and-breakfast you always dreamed about running, but with much nicer customers. You might just make the perfect addition to our growing family of Happy Cat Hotel and Spa owners!