A Happy Cat Year in Review

Everyone knows that Happy Cat Hotel franchising is in its own CATegory, but 2022 has been one for the books – even by “Happy Cat” standards! From our attendance at CatCon to new locations opening across the country and much more, Happy Cat has clearly “sleighed” the year that was 2022.

To kick the year off, Happy Cat Hotel was featured on the Franchising 101 Podcast! Our founder and CEO Chris Raimo, spoke with renowned franchise podcaster Tim Parmeter, where the two discussed such topics as “how the business came to be” and “myths about cats, cat owners, and the target market.” Shortly after this amazing experience, Happy Cat was prominently featured in the March/April 2022 edition of Catster Magazine! For this opportunity, Raimo sat down for a purr-fect Q&A profile for the publication, and Happy Cat was spotlighted along with some slick photos of our feline-tested-and-approved wonderland.

As the year progressed, May brought along some especially exciting news. We’ve expanded! Happy Cat has landed in Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Adding new locations is always a CAT-tastic achievement in our opinion! Also in May, Happy Cat was featured in none other than the most prestigious newspaper in America – the Wall Street Journal! In an article entitled “How Cats are Winning the Post-Pandemic Economy,” readers were treated to an in-depth exploration of cat-centric businesses. We were so honored to have the article discuss not only how to become a Happy Cat franchisee, but we also had the opportunity to dispel some myths and misconceptions about our feline friends.

The Happy Cat Hotel beefed-up its brand assets for franchisees in June. Happy Cat is already home to one of the best back-office supports systems in the franchising world, but we’ve managed to make even more improvements in how we support our franchise owners. Every aspect of starting up your own Happy Cat location was overhauled. From day one, with funding support and location scouting, to daily operations and groomer training – Happy Cat has you completely covered. By the month of July, Happy Cat launched its first online store, featuring their favorite feline friendly products and Happy Cat official swag! In August Happy Cat attended the SuperZoo 2022 Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV, to connect and network with other professionals in the industry, and also to learn about cutting edge products and services. SuperZoo is the largest retail event of the year in North America, and we were thrilled to be a part of it all.


In October, we were thrilled to announce a new member of our Happy Cat Family, Albuquerque, New Mexico joined our family of feline advocates and lovers. Later that same month, the Happy Cat team jetted over to Pasadena, CA for the 2022 CatCon trade show. CatCon had taken a two-year hiatus during the height of the covid pandemic, but for 2022 the show was back in-person and full swing. And we loved every minute of it!


Rounding out 2022, Happy Cat is simply over the meowwwn to announce that our franchisees in Alexandria, Virginia will be opening two more additional Happy Cat locations in their area! Be on the lookout for these new locations to launch. As you can tell from this expansive roundup, Happy Cat is busting at the seams, growing by leaps and bounds, and doing our part to upset the Catus-Quo.

*PHEW* What a year! 2022 was awesome for Happy Cat Hotel and Spa and our family of feline enthusiasts. And we expect nothing less for 2023. We would love to have you along for the ride in the coming year, so reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about starting your own Happy Cat Hotel and Spa location! In in the in-between time, stay tuned, as we have some more exciting announcements coming your way very soon.

That’s all for now, but we insist that you stay in touch, please! You can follow and like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn, and follow our latest feline feed on Instagram.