An Ownership Stake in Pet Care is Surprisingly Possible

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent data (2019), the number of animal care and service workers in the U.S. is approximately 350,900. The rest of the data reveals a fairly steady employment outlook, with an expected increase of 75,500 new workers over the next decade, a 22% increase. But the median pay is $12.68 an hour, which works out to an average annual salary of $26,370 per year. While that amount is double the 2021 Federal Poverty Guidelines for a single individual with no dependents, almost anyone earning a similar salary would likely disagree.


A minimum 40-hour workweek is factored into the equation above, which brings to mind a point—that’s an enormous commitment of time and resources dedicated to working in the stead of others. For the hundreds of thousands of pet care providers who do the job—simply because they have a passion for caring for animals—what might your life look like if you were a pet care owner, working for yourself?

Happy Cat Hotel

These facts, among many others, are but a few of the considerations we use in our franchising recruiting efforts. We make a consistent appeal to those who are toiling away in the pet care industry, with no real actionable plan to make a better career of it. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to own and operate a business of your own may not reside in your comfort zone, but here are a few facts about the Happy Cat Hotel business opportunity you may want to consider:


Your Hard Work = Your Rewards

The Happy Cat Hotel and Spa is a franchise business opportunity—meaning you’ll be in business for yourself—but never by yourself. Franchises, by their very design, provide owners with a proven business model and the ongoing training and support of our corporate office. It’s your opportunity to own your own business, with your own staff, in your own community. You’ll be taught everything you need to know about the day-in, day-out operations. And the guidance provided by our “Pride Center” team will be a continual guide during your journey as a small business owner. Best of all, the work you’re currently putting in now for the benefit of others, will now become your reward.


Feline Fun

Here are a few fun facts about our uniquely positioned business opportunity. We are the only cat boarding/grooming/daycare franchise in the U.S. There is no direct competition. The business model is simple to own and operate. And the barriers to ownership, including the required investment and overhead costs, are considerably more reasonable when compared to other similar-sized franchise businesses. As a Happy Cat Hotel and Spa owner, you’ll take reservations, oversee grooming appointments, and feed and care for your feline guests—all in an environment where your growth and success are encouraged and celebrated. Seriously, what could be more fun?


Why Feel Overwhelmed When You Don’t Have To?

A majority of people will never live to take a chance on themselves. Most believe they don’t have the right access to the financing, resources, or even the know-how to become a successful business owner. But that’s where franchising gives you an advantage. No matter your excuse, we have an answer. Don’t have the upfront financing you need to buy the franchise? We have secure financing resources available for qualified candidates. No experience in establishing a brick-and-mortar business storefront? We assist with site selection, design-build specs, and project management. Not clear on the overhead necessary for operations? We provide vendor contacts and an established supply chain to give you access to everything you need—down to our very own Happy Cat brand cat litter. No matter your challenge, our Pride Center team has you covered.


We produce blog content in hope of developing, training, and guiding the next generation of Happy Cat Hotel and Spa owners. Our management at corporate has over 20 years of direct business experience, ready to share, to help you grow and prosper as an independent small business owner. It’s a remarkable opportunity and we know there are thousands of pet care workers out there right now who need to hear this message. If you are one—or even happen to know of one—please take these words to heart.


Trust us when we say this: if you have a passion for pet care and have staked your career on it, becoming a Happy Cat Hotel and Spa business owner could be the decision that changes your life for the better. If you’re ready to consider just how your life might change as the owner of your own pet care business, reach out and schedule an initial conversation with us. You might just make the perfect addition to our growing family of Happy Cat Hotel and Spa owners!