Virginia is for (Cat) Lovers: New Happy Cat Hotel Opens in Alexandria

Happy Hat Hotel & Franchising Virginia

The Happy Cat Hotel is proud to announce we’ve awarded our first non-corporately owned franchise to Leanne McRoberts and Jackie Warbis, who will be opening their new location in Alexandria, Virginia on Sunday, Nov. 14. The state’s tourism motto is, “Virginia Is For Lovers”, but we’d like to add one all-important word suggestion on the…

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A Cat-Centric Bed & Breakfast is the Idea You Haven’t Considered

According to IBISWorld, a leading market research firm, there are just over 8,000 bed-and-breakfast accommodations in the U.S., employing just over 20,000 workers. Of course, owning and operating a “B&B” has been at the top of many a retiree’s wish list, even capturing the attention of Hollywood with the hit TV show, “Newhart”. But before…

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An Ownership Stake in Pet Care is Surprisingly Possible

Happy Cat Hotel

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent data (2019), the number of animal care and service workers in the U.S. is approximately 350,900. The rest of the data reveals a fairly steady employment outlook, with an expected increase of 75,500 new workers over the next decade, a 22% increase. But the median pay…

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6 Shocking Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Happy Cat Hotel & Spa

We pride ourselves on being the authority of all things cat. That’s because we live the life, 24/7, and were born to do it. While our core mission is the care and custody of our feline friends who regularly attend the Happy Cat Hotel, we also strive to educate our audience. We want a group…

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Why Should Dogs Have All the Fun?

Happy Cat Franchise Opportunity

Because you can’t begin an insightful blog without statistics, here is a fun fact for you to consider about pet ownership in the U.S. According to the American Pet Products Association, a nonprofit trade industry group that tracks spending, these are some discrepancies about dog vs. cat ownership, along with a truth-telling update to put…

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20 Best Franchises of 2020

We’re in a role that is responsible for the care of people’s animals. It’s an extraordinarily personal experience built on trust, so an emotional connection to the benefits of the service is key. As much as it can be a profitable business, it is also a passion play. Read the full article

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Cats Are Where It’s At!

If you’ve found us, that means you’ve gone down the rabbit hole (through the cat door?) in order to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved. So first, we must answer the question, “What IS a Happy Cat Hotel?” A Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Franchise is a luxury care…

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