Catster’s Obsession: Happy Cat Hotel & Spa

Happy Cat Hotel is featured in Catster Magazine’s March/April 2022 edition. Highlighted in the Obsessions section, Annie spent some time with Chris Raimo to discuss the “luxurious and enriching hotel for cats.”

The brainchild of Chris and Meg Raimo, whose previous business venture was a house-call animal service that offered dog walking and pet sitting services, Happy Cat Hotel and Spa isn’t your ordinary boarding service. It features individually themed premium hotel rooms, full day enrichment activities, a variety of amenities (like common areas for playtime, special-needs services, daytime lounge areas and sun beds, wall climbing systems, hammocks, couches, beds, toys, games, TV and much more. There’s even a gift shop.

Read the full piece in Catster magazine. (Select the Obsessions section.)  Note subscriber access may be required.

Catster magazine article