Escape the Rat Race and Embrace the Cat Case

Have you heard of compassion fatigue? It’s a real condition that affects thousands of people in the pet care service industry. The sudden, yet explainable, boom in pet adoption spurred on by the pandemic is beginning to take a toll on the veterinarian industry. Forced to meet the growing demand in these clinical care environments is now straining resources, is leaving a wide swath of overworked, stressed out, and exhausted caregivers in its wake.

If you’re one of these individuals, have you ever considered an escape from the rat race? Would you like to embrace the cat case? 

Escaping the Rat Race

As an employee in the $90 billion a year pet care industry, you possess a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience. But your contributions, while compensated, ultimately go to the benefit others. If you long for more flexibility, less workplace stress, and the chance for higher income potential, there’s an option that could bring about change for the better. Your pet care background makes you an ideal candidate for an entrepreneurial future—an opportunity that could restore your work life balance, destress your environment, and build up a business of your own.

Embracing the Cat Case

Happy Cat Hotel & Spa is the only cat-centric boarding, grooming and daycare concept in the franchising world. That’s right. Dozens of dog boarding, grooming, and home care options are widely available in the franchised pet care world, but our business opportunity operates in a completely untapped feline-based marketplace. Happy Cat Hotel’s proven business model is affordable, simple to run, and demonstrably profitable. You’ll no longer be working in a stressful, loud, and exhaustive environment. Our business operations exist in quiet, serene boutique-style settings, where we disrupt the “Catus Quo” every day by enriching the lives of our customer’s feline companions.

A Low Entry Barrier to Business Ownership

Happy Cat Hotel franchises are affordably priced, offering a low barrier of entry into business ownership of your own. Our franchise fee and estimated initial investment is lower than approximately 60% of other pet care franchises. And with Happy Cat Hotel, we like to say that you’re in business for yourself—but never by yourself. Our ongoing training, guidance, and support means you’ll have a direct line to a permanent advisor, dedicated to guiding your operation’s growth from grand opening to profitability. Happy Cat Hotel’s flagship location has seen an average revenue increase of 44% year over year.

If you’re ready to consider how your life might change as the owner of your own pet care business, reach out and schedule an initial conversation with us. You can take all of the combined pet care experience you’ve earned and make a difference—this time around, as a true feline entrepreneur

Owning a Happy Cat Hotel & Spa just might be the perfect antidote to reversing and restoring the effects of compassion fatigue.