Happy Cat Hotel and Spa featured in Catster Magazine

Catster magazine coverAt the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa, we’re starting the year off right with a feature profile in Catster Magazine! The brand interview, along with a Q&A from CEO Chris Raimo, appears in the March/April 2022 print edition – already on the shelves – in a recurring column series entitled, “Obsessions”. If you happen to have a copy, or wish to pick one up, be sure to flip to page 8 where you’ll find the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa ranked fourth out of the 13 other selected topics. The cover of the March/April 2022 edition is featured here on the right.

Yet, as they used to say on all of the late-night infomercials, “But wait – there’s more!” That’s right. If you can’t find a print copy of Catster Magazine, the full interview went online on Jan. 28 and also includes several images of our feline wonderland. And you’ve got to love the subtitle, “The Happy Cat Hotel and Spa is not a cattery or a kennel. It’s a luxurious and enriching hotel for cats.” Well then, we couldn’t have said that better ourselves. Here are some of the highlights you’ll find in the online version of the article, of which we’ve included a link to the full story at the end of this blog.

On Comparisons to Doggie Day Care Business Models…

“Lumping cats in with dog care is like growing grapes in an apple orchard. Just because you have the space doesn’t mean you have the expertise and knowledge to manage two completely different pet care disciplines.” – Chris Raimo. Boom! Our franchise’s CBP, “Chief Believer in Possibility,” just nailed an analogy on the difference in caring for cats and dogs. Please note, we’re not Anti-Dog here. We’re just seriously Pro-Cat.

On Chris Raimo’s Favorite Part of the Job…

“I love when people come in to tour or drop off their cat, and they act like they’re in another world because it’s like nothing they’ve seen before.”

On What We Really Think About Cats in General…

“I find felines to be such amazing, fascinating, and sophisticated creatures, capable of so much more than they get credit for. They continue to dispel the myths perpetrated against them for so long.”

On What’s Next for the Brand…

“We think the best way to change the way people think about cats across the country is through franchising. We’re ready to pounce on the opportunity to disrupt what we call the ‘Catus Quo!’” Yep, Chris did it! He actually got our legendary motto published in print!

We hope that this glowing profile feature is a sign of things to come in 2022. Why, if you’re paying attention, you’ll even note that the Asian Lunar New Year begins on Feb. 1. Does anyone care to hazard a guess as to which Chinese Zodiac symbol represents this year? Well, that would be the “Year of the Tiger.” Felines FTW! You heard it here first.

To read the full article in Catster Magazine, simply follow this link.

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