Happy Cat Hotel CEO making the broadcast booth rounds

Chris Raimo

Sufficed to say, Happy Cat CEO Chris Raimo has been making the media rounds lately. Fresh off of the profile of our beloved franchise opportunity in Catster Magazine, he’s been burning up the airwaves. He’s completed one appearance and has several others booked on multiple pet-related podcasts. It’s all about spreading the message of the emerging brand that is Happy Cat Hotel and Spa. Here’s a look at one of the most recent broadcast booth appearances, so you can listen in on Raimo’s engaging interview style…

Franchising 101 Podcast

Presented by FranCoach, the Franchising 101 Podcast keeps their audience informed of all things in the franchising world. The target market of this engaging interview series with host Tim Parmeter is anyone looking to become their own boss through franchise ownership. Chris Raimo was interviewed on Feb. 3 and the hilarious title of this episode is, “Could This Be the Purrfect Franchise?” It appears this podcast outlet shares Happy Cat’s fondness for brand humor. The run-time for Chris’ interview is just over a half hour – but they did get to touch on all of the aspects that make Happy Cat Hotel and Spa a unique and intriguing business opportunity. Listen in as Chris talks about who they are, how the business came to be, how Happy Cat is changing the pet daycare landscape, and what the brand looks for in new franchise owners. At the close of the interview, Raimo discusses the level of support the brand provides for its franchisees. The discussion ends with Raimo dispelling the most common myths about our feline friends – oh, and also the myths about their owners!

Tune in to the full episode by following this link.

The Petropolis Podcast

Raimo was the featured guest on a recent podcast with The Petropolist, an informative pet care website that focuses on bringing a holistic approach to animal wellness through individualized and species-appropriate nutrition. The recurring podcast show features guests who work and play in the pet industry (and we get to do both!)

On his episode entitled, “Entrepreneurship, Franchising, Happy Cats,” Raimo talks about coming up with the original idea to start the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa, including his catchphrase from the movie ‘Field of Dreams,’ which states, “…if you build it, they will come.” You can catch a full replay of the taped interview by following this link.

Upcoming Announcements

2022 is off to a great start for the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa. We have some upcoming company announcements to share – just not yet! But when we are finally able to share these PAWS-atively amazing updates, we think you’ll be blown away.

A final note to mention before we go – the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa recently welcomed two new executive leaders and one special promotion. We’re happy to share the news that Hilary Dolbee has joined our organization as our new chief financial officer and Julianne Jones is also onboard as our new vice-president of development. Lastly, our very own Hillary Lanning has been promoted to the director of operations for the brand. Not sure if you caught this the first time around, but yes – we now have two Hillarys in our corporate front office. Or is it Hilarys? Oh well, we’ll let them battle it out and get back to you.

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