Happy Cat Hotel on the Franchising 101 podcast

Learn about franchising, cat hotels, and how much fun it is to put those two things together. Our founder and CEO Chris Raimo talks with renowned franchise podcaster, Tim Parmeter at Franchise 101!

Do you love animals? Interested in franchise ownership? Learn about one of our franchise partners that is positioned to dominate in a multi-billion dollar industry. Joining the show is the founder and CEO of an emerging and groundbreaking franchise brand to talk about its unique position in the market, what they look for in an owner, and how they support owners.

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Episode Highlights/Timestamps

  • Intro
  • 2:33 – What is The Happy Cat Hotel?
  • 6:46 – How the business came to be
  • 11:31 – How The Happy Cat Hotel differs from typical boarding and they ground they are breaking
  • 13:50 – What they look for in an owner
  • 24:54 – How they support owners and the company culture
  • 29:59 – Myths about cats, cat owners and the target market

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