Happy Cat Hotel strengthens brand assets for franchisees

We’re giving you the goods…

As the business world continues to recover from the pandemic, startup businesses show no sign of losing steam anytime soon. The franchise industry is holding its own in the mix of new businesses, jumping by leaps and bounds every year. It seems that being a business owner, backed by a tried-and-true business model, is just too good for most people to pass up. The support of a corporation is an invaluable asset to new business startups, and each franchisor has their own unique list of supports–brand assets–in place, built in and available to their franchisees.

Happy Cat Hotel Lobby with staff members

If you’ve entertained the idea of franchise ownership, we have some exciting news you’ll want to hear. The Happy Cat Hotel & Spa has recently added an impressive list of brand assets to our model. From funding all the way to daily operations, we’ve carefully curated these assets to guide our franchisees to achieve paws-itive results! Join us, as we walk through Happy Cat’s newest offerings–


Securing funding can be an intimidating and tedious process for a prospective franchisee. But now, the Happy Cat Hotel has implemented a funding concierge feature to guide franchise candidates to the right funding solution for each individual’s particular situation.

Site Selection

Once funding is secured, an in-house Happy Cat commercial real estate agent/consultant helps guide candidates through the process of site selection, pulled from in-depth nationwide database searches, and designed to assist prospective franchisees all the way through lease negotiation and signing.

Setup Support

Architectural design and setup support are now offered as brand assets from Happy Cat, as well as a Happy Cat Hotel-branded project manager. The project manager will help franchisees facilitate the architectural process, drawings, permits, construction estimates & schedules, inspections, and final permitting.

Intensive Care Coaching

Marketing playbooks and strategies are now provided, along with readily available intensive care coaching. Virtual roundtables are open to franchisees, supported by one-on-one coaching sessions, customized to each franchisee and their unique market or business challenges.

Access to Corporate

On-demand access to corporate team chat and voice messaging are now available for those in-the-moment solutions.

Daily Operations

Daily operations, including merchant services and business insurance opportunities are now available through Happy Cat Corporate to franchisees.

Groomer Training/App Access

Franchisees and staff will have access to Happy Cat’s Elite Feline Grooming Training Certification, as well as our proprietary grooming reporting App. The app allows Happy Cat groomers access to the entire store-level groomer client database while they work. Groomers will be able to review notes, behaviors, solutions, and recommendations from other groomers. Happy Cat groomers can even send a full-service report to clients, detailing the grooming session with before and after photos – all with a simple tap of the phone.


It has been shown that the act of petting an animal relieves stress and releases serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These are the “feel good” hormones. Therefore, owning or working at a Happy Cat location actually does increase happiness!

Happy Cat Hotel is a place for those who love felines and wish to provide services and interaction with our fantastic furry friends. The franchise owner and staff have the pleasure of interacting with these featured guests and their human handlers on a daily basis.

With more support now than ever before, the Happy Cat Hotel has become a cat-tastic opportunity for prospective franchisees. Happy Cat is disrupting the catus-quo, increasing awareness of the feline need for socialization and providing the purrrfect environment for nurturing that need. Happy Cat hopes you’ll join their fast-growing list of partners and enjoy all the perks of providing a safe, loving, nurturing environment where cats can socialize, play, learn, and be fluffed and buffed by feline enthusiasts. All that and you can own a business of your own to boot.

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