Happy Cat Hotel’s Chris Raimo Debuts Brand New Podcast Series

Happy Cat Hotel’s Chris Raimo has teamed up to launch a brand new podcast series, full of fun, informative, and entrepreneurial information. The podcast is entitled “So You Wanna Own a Business?” and involves a deep discussion of the various ups, downs, and everything in between, of entrepreneurship. There are six episodes taped so far, with new shows planned for a recurring release every Thursday of the week.

So you want to own a business podcast

In starting this new series, Happy Cat’s CEO, Chris Raimo, teamed up with Jerry Wistrom, a seasoned business coach with over 25 years of experience. As you listen to this new podcast, you’ll agree that these two are a purr-fect duo who manage to pack a lot of interesting content into each episode. Here are some recaps of the episodes that have already been produced:

ICYMI – Shows Recaps: Episodes 1-3

The series launched a few weeks back, with an episode about beginning one’s journey into entrepreneurship. The pilot episode, entitled “Entrepreneurial Spirit – Have You Been Struck?,” is an inspiring show, offering deep insight and information for anyone who might be considering business ownership of their own. The initial show was followed up by episode two, “The Decision to Become a Business Owner,” which discusses both the mindset and process necessary to make it happen. The next episode in the series continues walking listeners through the startup process with “Assessing Entrepreneurship.” In this show, Chris and Jerry explore the three distinct pathways to establishing business ownership of your own with a look at the pros and cons of each option. This one is particularly interesting, delving into the ratios of risk-to-reward, what kind of time frame and start-up costs are involved, and potential for success in each approach.

ICYMI – Shows Recaps: Episodes 4-6

Episode four is entitled, “Begin Your Franchise Search,” an insightful look at finding the right fit, what to look for in a franchising agreement, and managing some of the overwhelming moments one will inevitably experience. Once a franchise choice has been determined, episode five describes “The Ideal Franchisee Avatar” and how to exemplify the person this moniker entails. Chris shares his experience as the CEO of Happy Cat Hotel – a purr-fect franchise opportunity – and the type of person he believes will become a successful franchisee. He shares that there are keys to ensuring that your franchise location will be profitable, but it rarely happens by accident. Chris goes on to discuss the type of person that possesses optimal franchise potential and provides helpful tips for those interested in exploring this path. The most recent episode is just simply called “Support.” Here, the hosts chat about the important role that support plays in locating and maintaining a successful franchise location. This is one of the best benefits of becoming a franchise owner – the built-in support you can expect from your franchise brand partner. When researching franchise options, it’s important to learn about the type of support you can expect from the franchisor, as every brand isn’t created equal in the support category. Ideally, you’ll want to feel like part of a family – similar to the experiences of all our satisfied Happy Cat Hotel owners!

So you want to own a business podcast

Spreading the Feline Love has always been the mission of Happy Cat Hotel. And with the launch of this new podcast series, listeners can get a feel for how to go about exploring the entrepreneurial life. Entrepreneurship and small business ownership is the backbone of the U.S. economy, with many new startups launching every day. If you’d like to join them, be sure to tune into “So You Wanna Own a Business” and learn more about owning a career opportunity all your own.

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