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As we gear up for the holiday season, you’re probably getting ready to invite guests to your home. But if you’ve got a cat, you’ve probably got at least one person in your life who will be coughing, hacking and wheezing through the holidays because of said cat.

Here are five tips on how to de-allergize your home for your guests this holiday season:

Bathe Your Cat

Allergies aren’t actually caused by cat hair, per se, as much as they are caused by a protein that’s in cats’ skin, saliva and urine. So bathing your cat is key.

Bathe your cat with a mild soap and really make sure to get all the places where a cat would naturally lick.

If you want to keep allergens to a minimum throughout the year, consider bathing your cat twice a week. This will have long-term effects on the amount of allergens that are in the air in your home.

Filter Your Air

HEPA air filters are LIFE, both for allergic friends and just in general. A good filter will clean and filter the air all year, not only when your allergic guests are over.

Think of it as an investment and opt for a small-particle or HEPA filter. Put one in each bedroom your guests will be staying in, as well as any common areas you intend to gather in throughout the season. Run the filters a few days before your guests arrive for maximum effect.

Clean, Clean, Clean

A day or two before guests arrive, plan to clean your house thoroughly. Clean the bed linens in hot water, mop your floors, and use a vacuum cleaner with two bags to catch allergens that might be thrown into the air by the vacuum.

If you have rugs, either have them cleaned, shampoo them yourself or roll them up when guests arrive. If you’ve got wall to wall carpeting, shampoo it a few days before your guests come over.

Create Animal-Free Zones

If you have a cat, your house will never truly be allergen-free. It’s just part of having a cat.

But you can do your best to minimize allergens in certain areas of your home simply by keeping them off-limit for your cat. This means keeping your cat out of the guest rooms, keeping a filter in there and having it be a dedicated space for frequent, allergic guests.

Follow these tips, and your holiday season should be peaceful and sneeze-free!

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