Your Next Steps

Disrupt the Catus Quo

Start with introductions


Surely you want to know more about us. We want to know more about you as well! This is where we “pounce” on a call together and have a chat. What's got you thinking about a franchise? Do you have a timeline? Are we in alignment with what's important moving forward? Let's just talk it out.

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Explore & Discover

Exploration & Disclosure

Here we’ll dig a little deeper and ask you to submit an official application, proceed through disclosure, and together we’ll focus on what this business relationship means for both parties. By the end of this step, we'll set up a review of the FDD, that's where the nitty kitty is...or is it nitty gritty...We never get that one right.


Discovery Day

C’mon down to Happy Cat HQ for Discovery Day (every cat’s favorite day) to see things for yourself and experience the Happy Cat culture first hand, or first paw as we say around here. It's typically at the conclusion of this day that we sit down together and sign a Franchise Agreement.

It's Official!

We typically sit down and sign an agreement following Discovery Day. Once that is done, we collect your franchise fee and it becomes official. The champagne is on us! 

Onboard & Training

We won't celebrate too much. We need to get to work with you on site selection, financing, training, and marketing! You’re one of the pride of Happy Cat professionals meow!

Join our growing pride
of cat enthusiasts