Your Next Steps

Disrupt the Catus Quo

Start with introductions

Who's Mew?

Maybe you've seen our emails or videos. Perhaps we've texted. Whatever the case, you want to learn more - and so do we!

This is where we “pounce” on a call together and have a chat. Why are you curious about a franchise? Do you have a timeline? Are we in alignment with what's important? Let's just talk it out.

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Brand Identity

Here you'll have an opportunity to learn more about our brand, mission, values, and overall identity. At the conclusion of our presentation, we'll ask you to dig a little deeper and have you submit an application, questionnaire, and personal financial statements.



Upon review of your application, we will focus on what this business relationship will mean for both parties. By the end of this step, you'll have a clear idea for funding the venture, what support you can expect, and a timeline for the rest of your journey.



Now its time to roll up our sleeves and get into the heavy stuff. Here we present you with our Franchise Disclosure Document. This is the precursor to the actual franchise agreement. It includes all of our requirements, responsibilities, disclosures, and financial performance representations. This stage can take a couple of weeks because you also get to validate the concept through 1-on-1 conversations with our franchisees!



Here's the fun part. Take all you've learned so far and start figuring out how much money you can make. We can't make projections for you but with our performance representations and first-hand franchisee accounts, you should be able to build yourself one heck of a proforma.


Welcome to the Happy Cat Hotel!

Do the numbers look good? Good! Then c’mon down to Happy Cat HQ for Discovery Day (every cat’s favorite day) to see things for yourself! Experience the Happy Cat culture firsthand, or first paw as we say around here. It's typically after this day that we get together and sign a Franchise Agreement.


It's Official!

Congratulations! You're officially a Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Franchisee. We call ourselves littermates, and we're with you no matter what! Now, how to open that champagne bottle without opposable thumbs...


Onboard & Training

We won't celebrate too much. We need to work with you on site selection, financing, training, and marketing! You’re one of the pride of Happy Cat professionals meow!