Our Story

Remember that movie Field of Dreams? The one where that voice keeps saying
"If you build it, they will come..."

Well, that's sort of what founders Chris and Meg Raimo felt was happening to them shortly before they conceived the idea for the Happy Cat Hotel & Spa. The couple had owned and operated their original business venture, Home Sweet Home Pet Care, a house call animal care service that provided dog walking, pet sitting when they heard that voice whisper to them.

At that time it was widely accepted that it was better to leave your pets home than to put them in a kennel - especially cats. When it came to visiting those same cats however, Chris, Meg, and their team began to notice that their feline friends were not doing so well. Cats that were typically withdrawn or aloof began pining for affection while others would regress and develop a stir crazy mentality that would bring about fits of destruction, urinating, and hunger strikes.


Entrepreneurs that they are, Chris and Meg started asking questions. What does it matter that a cat is home in its normal environment, if it's home is barren of contact and socialization? What does the place matter to a truly social creature?


From there, the founders started answering the questions and developing a solution. What if the cat didn't stay home but went instead to a place that provided enrichment all day long? Would they adapt?

Behavioral research shows they will. Give them places to climb, hide, run, and rest, offer them physical touch and affection as well as interactive replications of play and hunting and they will not only adapt, but THRIVE. In other words, create a place just for cats.


Not a cattery, not a kennel, but a feline oasis - the most luxurious and enriching hotel for cats ever created. Add a cat spa, retail supply, and gift shop, and you have The Happy Cat Hotel & Spa.

The voice was right!

Our Mission

Is to be happy & stay happy





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