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There is nothing better than coming home after a cold day and cuddling up with your cat on the couch, but oftentimes around the holidays, free time can be hard to come by.

It is a hectic time of year for everyone, but that doesn’t mean your cat has to be stressed out! With these helpful tips, your cat will love the holidays as much as you do even if the daily routine might look a little different.

Designate a Safe Space for Your Cat

If you are having guests over, it is a good idea to designate an area of the house that is off-limit to guests that your cat can access as it pleases. This can be any room in the house as long as it can hold a litter box, food, water and a comfortable place to lounge.

Even for kitties who are social butterflies, giving them a safe space to retreat will help them feel more comfortable when new people are in their space, allowing them to come out on their own terms when they are comfortable doing so.

Cat-Proof Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays are an exciting time, filled with many shimmering and glittering objects cats are sure to love. While watching them enjoy your holiday decorations as much as you do might be cute at first, the last thing you want is a toppled tree or dismantled tinsel because of a mischievous feline.

To prevent any accidents, consider ways to cat-proof your holiday decor to keep your kitty and your decorations safe.

Spend Extra Quality Time Together

With all the things to do, errands to run and loved ones to see, the time around the winter holidays can be extremely hectic, which can cause your cat to feel a little left out. To avoid behavioral issues, make sure you are prioritizing plenty of quality time with your pet and encouraging play to help it burn off those wintertime blues!

Do you want the opportunity to spend quality time with even more cats in your daily life? If so, consider a Happy Cat Hotel franchise to help improve the lives of many felines in your community!

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