The Complete Countdown to a Stellar Happy Cat Grand Opening

Opening your first franchise location is an emotional rollercoaster, ranging from anxiety to unbridled anticipation. It can be an overwhelming endeavor – but fear not! When you’re a new franchisee preparing for your grand opening, Happy Cat will be there every step of the way.

Opening a happy cat franchise

Keep in mind that one of the best benefits of franchise ownership is the fact that you’re not alone in the journey. Beginning with your launch day preparations, you can embrace the awesome safety net built right into the franchise system. Happy Cat has successfully executed many grand openings and would like to share a few thoughts on what you can expect during the process.

Along with the invaluable help you’ll get from Happy Cat, you’ll want to assemble your personal support team to help you. This can be family, friends, or even your new employees. These folks can divvy up the preparations for the big grand opening. In addition to the Happy Cat folks, it’s comforting to have these people around on launch day to help set up, tear down, serve customers, or to just meet and greet patrons.

Spend some time thinking over your personal guest list. Happy Cat can work with you to invite other local business owners, VIPs, the media, and important organizations like your local chamber of commerce. More importantly, we’ll work with you to invite all of the local veterinarians in your area, as grooming service requires proof of current vaccination records. This can be extremely important for future referrals! You’ll want your whole town to be purring with excitement for your new Happy Cat location. We’ll assist in helping to advertise your grand opening in the days and weeks leading up to your big day – because it helps to secure some positive media coverage and buzz  about your new Happy Cat Hotel. Word of mouth is always a strong source of networking, and you’ll want everyone who attended your grand opening to share the word of your new business. And don’t forget the importance of social media advertising. Happy Cat’s franchise development team can help you develop pre- and post-event content for your social channels in support of this important day.

Happy Cat will be with you the entire time and help you as you get ready for your big day. We like to emphasize that it’s very important to draw attention to the outside of your new location, as a clean and welcoming exterior is aesthetically pleasing. We can help you plan to have eye-catching items such as balloons, banners, and Happy Cat Hotel signage. At Happy Cat grand openings, we put an emphasis on the amazing interiors of our locations. We’ll help you make sure the lobby and check-in counter are decorated in such a way as to make guests feel welcome. And that’s before the grand tour even begins. We’ll help you emphasize what to point out on the tour, not the least of which includes our cat-tastic playrooms, each one with an incredible theme. This is the perfect time to share the intimate details of your new Happy Cat Hotel location, while allowing your guests to get to know you – the new owner!

When your big day finally arrives, Happy Cat’s team will be there to help you remember to relax and enjoy the moment. During your grand opening event, it’s very important that you network and mingle with your guests, answer questions, and soak up your moment in the spotlight. After all, the feline customers in your area are counting on you to give them the ultimate level of care, so go be the face of Happy Cat and remember your mission to upset the Catus Quo! With the right marketing efforts to support the launch of your Happy Cat Hotel, you could even be fully booked for reservations before the grand opening even happens, which is precisely what occurred for our franchisees in Alexandria, Virginia.

Happy Cat Hotel’s franchise development team is there to offer support to our new franchise owners, particularly during the early stages of the new business. Our goal is to keep you empowered and flourishing in your local market. If you, like so many others, have a love for cats and would like to be your own boss, check out the Happy Cat Hotel and see if it’s a fit for you. We would love to have you join our growing pride of cat enthusiasts, wholeheartedly dedicated to CATering to our feline companions!

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