The Many Advantages of Franchising with Happy Cat

Franchising has found a reach that is ever-expanding and continues to help thousands of entrepreneurs become business owners and their own boss. Globally there are over seven million franchises, and the U.S. boasts over 750,000 of those. Combined, these U.S. franchises account for $757.2 billion in GDP.

The handwriting on the wall couldn’t be clearer – franchising is stronger than ever and holds more possibilities than you might imagine – even in tough economic times. But understanding the impact of franchising is just the beginning. Choosing which franchise is the best fit for you is key to the success for any new business.

Luckily, there are plenty of franchising concepts from which to choose. In fact, there are over 300 different industries that comprise the sectors that make up the market. And here at Happy Cat Hotel, we are purring with happiness to be one of those industries. Happy Cat knows that the franchise model only works when the franchisee has the necessary support, training, and resources readily available to them.

That’s why Happy Cat is all in when it comes to meeting the needs of our franchisees. When you franchise with Happy Cat, you are under an umbrella of knowledge gained by a company that’s been around for years and has a tried-and-true business model. Happy Cat’s established supply chain, systems training, site selection, continuing feline-behavior training, and the inclusive culture of family offered by Happy Cat makes our business opportunity the “Cat’s Meow!”

Staff member playing with a cat

Teamwork makes the dream work, and Happy Cat believes in keeping their team close. Happy Cat’s support team and franchisees truly understand what it means to “speak cat.” Now that we know that the antiquated idea of cats not needing attention is completely incorrect, Happy Cat is proud to be a pioneer in the cat care industry. Happy Cat is a place where cats come to be cared for, loved, played with, and groomed. Providing recreation and stimuli for the cats is the pleasure of the staff of a Happy Cat Hotel franchise location.

Initial investments are a big consideration when contemplating becoming a franchise owner. And as far as startup costs are concerned, Happy Cat is less than half of most of its canine counterparts. Happy Cat has always made affordability a priority. The cost of starting a business is never the cheapest thing you’ve ever done, and Happy Cat realizes that most people don’t have startup cash just laying around.

Feline enthusiasts will find Happy Cat easy to work with and ready to assist in any way possible. If need be, we can help you secure a loan and get a new business off the ground and moving in the right direction. Again, this is an origin company with plenty of experience behind us. We can help you navigate every step of the way.

Just over a year ago, Leanne McRoberts and Jackie Warbis opened their Happy Cat Hotel in Alexandria, VA. The business started strong – and it’s still going strong, prompting Leanne to share a few thoughts with us for a promotional booklet we put together. Here’s what she had to say:

A little over two years ago, we reached out to begin discussions about owning a Happy Cat Hotel. In spite of Covid, a tough lending environment, and a skeptical landlord, we stuck to our guns because we knew it would be successful. Today, I realized that we’re actually doing this – taking care of cats, covering bills, and employing people. And doing it for ourselves! If I could purr, I would. I have never felt so happy, so satisfied, and so fulfilled. There is nothing quite like it. The support and knowledge we get from Chris and his team at Happy Cat is incredible. I wish I could put this into words more succinctly, but I’ll just say this – I’m happy. I’m happy I get to do something I love for the rest of who knows when. I get to take care of people’s cats and I get to make a difference. And this makes my heart happy!

Happy Cat Hotel Alexandria grand opening

The Happy Cat Hotel brand is growing rapidly and soon you’ll find them coming to cities near you! Happy Cat is currently concentrating our efforts to expand into places like Denver, Colorado, Raleigh, North Carolina, Tampa, Florida, and Dallas, Texas – but lots of exclusive territories are still available! We invite you to consider joining the Happy Cat family, as we continue to revolutionize the industry of feline care by upsetting the “Catus Quo!”

Stay tuned, as we have some exciting announcements coming your way very soon. That’s all for now, but we insist that you stay in touch, please! You can follow and like us on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn, and follow our latest feline feed on Instagram.