What We Learned at the 2022 CatCon Trade Show

The Pasadena Convention Center played host for the 2022 CatCon Trade Show this year – the first in-person gathering following a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. On Oct. 1-2, several thousand feline lovers gathered from all over the country to see the latest products and news from the fascinating world of cats.

Happy Cat Staff at CatCon 2022In attendance were celebrity cats, a cat lady themed living room photo op booth, hundreds of new product announcements, humans dressed as cats, and – most charmingly – an onsite adoption village. Over the course of the CatCon event, organizers found a new, loving home for more than 130 precious kittens. Last, but not least, there was a highly promoted art gallery exhibit featuring the works of noted Hollywood star and feline-lover, Nicholas Cage.

The trade show was literally packed with our kind of people (and pets, of course). So, it goes without saying that representatives of the Happy Cat Hotel Franchising Team were thrilled to attend the show and see what all the excitement was about. As we suspected all along, our franchise concept and business model received rave reviews from a nonstop stream of visitors.

Happy Cat attendee Jerry Wistrom, our fearless vice-president of happiness, observed firsthand the interest in owning a franchise that caters solely to a feline audience. Many inquired about the possibility of a Happy Cat Hotel franchise coming to their hometown, a sign that interest in the business model runs far and wide.

If CatCon is any type of indicator, cat culture is prepared to take the world by storm, a fact highlighted by the data showing the number of cats per household now exceeds that of their canine counterparts. Our key target audience is beginning to understand how many cat-related myths don’t hold up to scrutiny. Our feline friends do, in fact, love their owners, form strong bonds, and require frequent stimulation and attention. Gone are the days of hiring the teen next door to swing by and feed the cat while you’re out of town.

CatCon cat costumesWe now know that cats require more than just a passing bed check. Another truth coming into focus? Cats are hardwired to enjoy a place of comfort, interaction, stimulation, and grooming just as much as dogs. These are just a few of the reinforcing messages that the Happy Cat exhibitors had the opportunity to share with CatCon attendees.

It’s comforting to know that we aren’t the only ones mewing with excitement over the Happy Cat concept and its unique ownership opportunity for cat owners and their beloved feline companions. The reception and feedback we received at the 2022 CatCon Trade Show was tremendously encouraging and has also demonstrated that our franchising model is as mainstream and necessary as we suspected.

Happy Cat is thrilled with the welcome we received at the 2022 CatCon Trade Show and can’t wait to attend next year’s event. We close with a couple of direct quotes from our team, as they shared their takeaways from this memorable road trip.

“On the lighter side, I learned (well, confirmed is more accurate) that CatCon people are definitely our people, that we should have brought more handouts, and that Pasadena has some truly stellar restaurants.” – Julianne Jones, director of administrative operations, Happy Cat Hotel Franchising.

“The cat lovers of the world are primed for global domination. Cat enthusiasm transcends race, culture, education, and age. I didn’t see a single ‘crazy cat lady,’ but I did see thousands of cat-loving humans.” -Chris Raimo, founder of Happy Cat Hotel Franchising.

CatCon 2022 Meme

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