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A Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Franchise is a premier, world class care facility designed and engineered exclusively for cats. Happy Cat Hotels and Spas are boutiques – that is quiet, serene environments that allow you every opportunity to immerse yourself in a hands-on cat experience WHILE growing a successful business along the way. Click here to learn why franchising the world’s greatest Happy Cat Hotel & Spa might just be your next big adventure.

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Why us?

Happiness... It's contagious around here!

If we can't be happy while we make people happy and cats happy, then we might as well work with dogs.


Whether we're playing with cats, caring for special needs cats, grooming cats, or simply advising customers on the best products for cats, we do it with a smile because we hope for one in return.

Why Cats?

Because the dog days are over. Cats are where its at!

of all millennials own a cat
of cat owners agree that their cat is central to their life
of cat owners have 2 or more cats

Why The World's Greatest?

Why Now?

Because no one ever said,

"I'll change my life tomorrow," and actually did it.

We don't just set you up, we "pounce" on the opportunity with you.

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