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What is a Happy Cat Hotel?

A Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Franchise is a premier, world class care facility designed and engineered exclusively for cats. Happy Cat Hotels and Spas are boutiques – that is quiet, serene environments that allow you every opportunity to immerse yourself in a hands-on-cat experience WHILE growing a successful business along the way.

The key to everything we do


Its contagious around here

If we can't be happy while we make people happy and cats happy, then we might as well work with dogs.


Whether we're playing with cats, caring for special needs cats, grooming cats, or simply advising customers on the best products for cats, we do it with a smile because we hope for one in return.

What Happy Customers Say

Absolutely fantastic place for cats and those who love them! The staff are wonderful and certainly cat "specialists." They are clearly experienced and have a passion for taking care of cats like they are their own. - Rebecca A. 

I can not say enough about how wonderful Happy Cat Hotel is!!! They do an amazing job with the grooming and always make my angels look beautiful. If you’re ever worried that your cat may not behave with the grooming, I promise they can handle it and do a great job! The staff at the hotel is super friendly and always make you feel at home. - Devin D.

I can't find a better place for my Zoe. The people is very friendly and great with my Zoe. I love to be able to see her with the webcam 24 hours. She loves the windows to look the birds. Highly recommend Happy Cat Hotel!!  - Zoila R.

Happy Cat Hotel is a great place for our cat Gru. We have brought him there twice so far! The only downside of bringing Gru to here is that, Gru was too happy and looked disappointed when he needed to leave! I can tell how informed and caring the staff are when I asked them about Gru. Now I think he loves staying in Happy Cat Hotel more than his actual home! - Brian L. 

What Happy Team Members Say

I love my job at the Happy Cat Hotel. The people are amazing, fun, and have helped be grow from and entry level position to a reservation specialist. There's more ground to cover and I hope to be a franchise owner one day soon!- Colleen M. 

The Happy Cat Hotel has changed my life! I left a corporate gig to do something with animals and once I found the Happy Cat I never looked back. The executive team put me through continuing education and now I'm the Executive Certified Feline Master Groomer for 2 locations! - Hillary L.

I always new I loved cats but being around them every day has certainly brought out my inner cat lady. I've learned so much about cat breeds, behavior, and personalities, never mind sharpening my professional skill sets. I'd say I'll take them wherever I go but I'm staying in brand for the long run - I'm a future franchisee! - Tori R. 

What Happy Cats Say

The hoomans responsible for the care and entertainment here are impressive. They know more about how to appease a guest of the feline persuasion than one, such as myself, might suspect. I shall engage with them for now, but only in the name of our continued conquest for planetary domination. - Rico Suave 

I've never seen a place like this. Room service, personal concierge, spa treatments, gift shop, lounge, catsino. Its the happiest place on earth for our kind. I'm never leaving!

Prrrrrrrrr  Prrr Prrr Prrrrrrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrrr

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