We’re changing the way people think about cats

From fun and curious, to quiet and mysterious, none of it means cats don’t benefit from a stimulative environment full of fun, interaction, and socialization.  At Happy Cat Hotel Franchising Inc., we call this “enrichment” and its the key to a truly happy cat.

Join our growing pride of cat enthusiasts turned successful business entrepreneurs as we continue on our mission to disrupt the catus quo.

Own your Own Business

Love & care for cats

Dedicated Support Team

Is a Happy Cat Hotel Franchise Right for Me?

A Happy Cat Hotel Franchise allows you to own your own business managing a premier, world class care facility designed and engineered exclusively for cats. You will work with our team of passionate feline enthusiasts as you build and develop a rapport with a catcentric customer base who GETS what it means to love and care for a cat. Not only that, but you’ll build your own loyal team of dedicated cat enthusiasts who share in your passion and show it in their work! 

Happy Cat Hotels and Spas are quiet, serene environments that allow you every opportunity to immerse yourself in a hands-on-cat experience WHILE growing a successful business along the way.