6 Shocking Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Happy Cat Hotel & SpaWe pride ourselves on being the authority of all things cat. That’s because we live the life, 24/7, and were born to do it. While our core mission is the care and custody of our feline friends who regularly attend the Happy Cat Hotel, we also strive to educate our audience. We want a group of informed readers, which is why this month’s blog edition dispels a few misguided myths about cats and their human counterparts. And while it’s true that we all know how mischievous our playful cats can be, here are six shocking things your cat wishes you knew…

For the purpose of this exercise, we’re going to assume cats can telepathically speak. Here’s what they’re saying—


1.“You know, I do need a real bath from time to time…”

It’s true. The majority of people are under the impression that cats “groom themselves”. It may look like that when you watch your feline use that rough tongue on her own fur coat. But bacteria infested saliva causes dander, slather, mats, and hairballs. Just like other fur-line pets, cats need regular grooming sessions with soap and warm water. It’s also untrue that they hate water, they just don’t like being submerged and it’s not shocking if introduced in the appropriate way. 


2. “I actually like cuddling and snuggles”

Cats are every bit as affectionate as dogs and prefer close and reassuring contact. The reason you think otherwise is because you’re comparing them to dogs. Cats are cats, and their disposition isn’t geared toward attention craving behavior—although some do!


3. “Being left alone isn’t much fun—”

A popular myth about cats is that they’re low maintenance. They certainly maintain their independence, but don’t ever mistake that for indifference. Cats get separation anxiety, too, and crave a stable family home with frequent interaction. Remember this the next time you leave town and think an automatic feeder is all the company your feline needs.


4. “I’m not actually a night owl.”

Many people think cats come alive at night—when their owners are trying to get a good night’s sleep. Felines are actually “crepuscular”, meaning they’re most active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk.


5. “I don’t prefer being an outside cat—indoors is fine with me.”

Another myth buster special holds that cats feel “trapped” indoors and prefer the freedom of being outside in the elements. On the contrary, cats are purrrrrfectly happy to live their entire lives indoors. But they also require stimulating environments full of toys, furniture, and mischief-making.


6. “I’m always up for entertainment!”

Many people think because cats sleep often or appear aloof and indifferent to their surroundings that they don’t crave attention and entertainment. Not so! In fact, cats love to be stimulated with human interaction, an endless supply of toys, and opportunities to explore new places and things. Cats have a tremendous amount of focus. Given the right environment, they revert back to their naturally curious selves.


There you have it. Six shocking things your cat wishes you knew. And now you know! Of the issues on this informative list, the Happy Cat Hotel is uniquely positioned and qualified to address each item. We provide full-service grooming, cuddles, snuggles, companionship, entertainment, and stimulating toys—all in an indoor environment that encapsulates what felines think is a luxurious paradise. If you have a cat you’d like to introduce to the hotel and spa life, reach out and book a stay at one of our locations.

And if you’re an entrepreneurial type, and ready to consider how your life might change as the owner of your own pet care business, reach out and schedule an initial conversation with us. You might make a great addition to our growing family of Happy Cat Hotel and Spa owners!