Cats Are Where It’s At!

If you’ve found us, that means you’ve gone down the rabbit hole (through the cat door?) in order to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved. So first, we must answer the question, “What IS a Happy Cat Hotel?”

A Happy Cat Hotel & Spa Franchise is a luxury care facility designed for cats by people who are absolutely obsessed with them. They’re quiet, serene environments that are every bit as relaxing for franchisees as for the cats themselves.

A franchise like this is unique in that cats, for once, are the center of attention.

Our franchises are specifically designed with cats’ needs in mind rather than dogs’ needs, as other pet boarding facilities tend to be designed. The difference in design is stark. Instead of sterile rooms with closed crates, worn-out beds and chew toys, a Happy Cat Hotel will have cat-centric amenities.

There will be enrichment opportunities like shelves and cat trees to climb on, soothing color palettes, fun rooms with themed, interactive accessories, and windows where a good sunbeam lasts all day.

Cats, to put it simply, are happy at Happy Cat Hotels, because we have made it a point of studying what makes even the most fearful of cats feel safe and secure. It’s a place that was made to put a little good back in the world.

But how does such a business succeed?

Luxury cat boarding, as it turns out, is lucrative. As of 2018, cat ownership outstripped dog ownership almost two to one. But the cat owning demographic is usually more affluent and more likely to travel.

However, we found that their options for pet boarding were almost always dog-centric. This means that the market for dog boarding facilities is saturated while cat owners are left with virtually no choices at all.

Happy Cat Hotels fill the void of cat-centric pet boarding and have proven successful since their creation. Last year, the pet industry reached the $90 billion benchmark and is expected to exceed $100 billion by 2020.

We are looking for franchisees to fill this previously untapped market.

If you want to make a career change, or maybe just genuinely love and care for cats—or ideally both—consider a Happy Cat Hotel franchise an opportunity to immerse yourself in a hands-on-cat experience WHILE growing a successful business along the way. Because cats, as we all know, are where it’s at!

Let’s disrupt the catus quo! If you think a franchise might be the perfect fit for you, contact us at Happy Cats to get started.