Corporate Americans are burned out, but there is an alternative

When it comes to work-related stress and burnout, Corporate America is not OK. Several decades of downsizing has led to dwindling workforces and an ever-increasing workload for those who remain behind. For those obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder, perfection is required, along with the ability to be “on” at all times. Many reading this blog can relate to the rising stress level at work, as several recent studies and surveys confirm what many of them already know.

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The percentage of American workers who report feeling stressed, burned out, and possibly even willing to call it quits, is quite alarming. Anyone remember the fallout from the recent Great Resignation? Keep reading for a recap of data and statistics pulled from several recent surveys and studies, then stick around for what could be the antidote.

A Pervasive Problem Just Under the Surface

Burnout is a pervasive problem across multiple industries, affecting employees at all career levels. Things have gotten so bad that the World Health Organization (WHO) recently recognized burnout as a medical diagnosis and condition. Accounting giant Deloitte conducted a survey of thousands of workers, concluding that a whopping 77% acknowledge stress, burnout, and exhaustion. A similar survey from Mental Health America revealed 63% of stressed out employees are already at their breaking point and ready to quit. Corporate HR departments report that burnout is a major problem for employee retention, whose effects negatively impact personal relationships and quality of life.

Feeling Trapped and Hopeless

Compounding the problem of workplace burnout is that few of those affected believe there’s a way out. Dependent on job security that provides a steady paycheck, many feel trapped and hopeless. As this vicious cycle continues, it’s becoming increasingly important to educate people about their alternatives. The majority of workers who throw in the towel simply look for a lateral exit – another job in the same field that comes with the same potential for corporate burnout. But surprisingly, many corporate refugees are increasingly entertaining a new direction entirely – through entrepreneurship. Becoming your own boss may not solve all of your stress-related problems, but at least you’ll no longer be answering to a faceless corporation. That’s why Happy Cat Hotel continually preaches about the many value propositions of franchise ownership.

Just Imagine…

If corporate burnout and stress on the job are the driving factors in your desire to investigate an entrepreneurial future, just imagine what life as a Happy Cat Hotel looks like. First and foremost, our Happy Cat Hotel operations are wholly designed to operate in a quiet and serene environment, conducive to our four-legged feline friends who naturally act as if they haven’t a care in the world. As many current Happy Cat owners can tell you, this outlook on life tends to rub off on you over time. Happiness is also a BIG part of our opportunity, so important and contagious that it’s literally part of our brand name. Just imagine being in charge and control of your own destiny, your own income potential, and your own preferred work-life balance. Because that’s what entrepreneurship is really all about. To read about the simple steps of Happy Cat Hotel’s ownership process, simply follow this link.

Look, we know that change doesn’t come easily for the majority of Corporate America’s workforce. If it did, franchising would be the number one industry in the U.S. But for those willing to take a chance on themselves, it can be the most rewarding opportunity you’ll ever experience. Around here, we like to say that no one ever says, “I’ll change my life tomorrow,” then does it. But as the number of franchise owners in the Happy Cat Hotel family continues to grow, we know there will be many more individuals brave enough to try.

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A Final Word

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