Take a Virtual Tour of a Happy Cat Hotel and Spa

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If you’ve ever wanted to take a “virtual” behind-the-scenes tour of a Happy Cat Hotel and Spa, now’s your chance! Welcome to the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa, located in the beautiful town of Windsor, Connecticut – a place where the felines are treated like royalty. As we embark on this virtual tour of one of Happy Cat’s oldest and most established locations, it’s easy to see why so many cat parents have chosen to trust us with their most precious possession – their adorable feline companions.

Happy Cat Hotel roomUpon entry to the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa, you’ll find a spacious and inviting lobby. Here you’ll find lots of fun t-shirts and merch, and even some great supplies for your purrfect kitty from our various vendors. Moving further into the hotel and spa, you’ll find a well-designed layout that ensures the comfort and safety of our feline guests. Each area is thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted to cater to all kinds of different preferences – ensuring that every cat feels right at home. With a total of 17 themed cat hotel rooms, there’s something for every kitty!

Happy Cat believes every cat deserves to have their own space to explore, so they’ve created some seriously sassy feline-friendly rooms. Just ahead of you are several hallways that are home to the 17 different cat hotel rooms. Optional upgrades are available as well, including web cams, additional enrichment, calming pheromone diffusers, and more! Now let’s do a deeper dive into these amazing themed playrooms, with taglines to boot! In the Windsor, CT facility, you’ll find…

  • Kitty Kabana- a beach side bungalow that is sure to put the Maldives to shame
  • Mancattan- for the city that never sleeps, there are lots of cat naps. And go Yankees!
  • Bonsai Kitty- practice some feline feng-shui among the cherry blossom trees
  • Green Line Feline- for feline fans of Fenway, this room is a jock cat’s dream. And go Red Sox!
  • Tea Time Feline- from London to Big Ben…keep your eyes peeled for the Beatles too!
  • Happy Cat Lounge- the grooviest bar on the east coast- for all those jazzy cats out there
  • Stowaway- purrfect for the shy kitty who just wants to lay low in the hull of the ship
  • Cleocatra- where felines can channel their inner sphinx in the motherland
  • Uncity Kitty- cozy up by the fireplace in this cat-approved cabin room!
  • El Gato Guapo- hang up kitty’s boots in this desert saloon with a glass of sarsaparilla
  • Kitty Kampground- Kitty will love finding the purrfect tent in the woods of this room
  • Cattius Maximus- your hunter will feel like both gladiator and emperor in this space
  • Diva Las Vegas- let the feline roar in Sin City! Rat Pack vibes and 24-7 entertainment
  • Waikikitty- a Hawaiian vacay is just what the vet ordered. Soak up the sun in this room!
  • Mew Orleans- where every day is Fat Cat Tuesday! Let’s go to Meowdi Gras!
  • Weekend in Purris- say “oui oui” to the city of love and “Je vous aime” to your kitty
  • Celtic Cat- plenty of plaid and stone walls, this cozy Celtic room is just right

happy cat hotel room design

Continuing down the hallway, the Happy Cat Spa awaits its next guest. At the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa, we understand the importance of pampering our feline guests. The spa and wellness facilities are designed to provide the ultimate relaxation and hygienic experience. It’s a common misconception that cats clean themselves. But the saliva they use to “groom” themselves with is full of bacteria and serves to attract and trap dust, dirt, and litter dust. Bathing, detangling, and removing excess fur are vital to a happy healthy cat. Surprising to most, cats actually LOVE their baths! It’s all about introducing them to the water in a calm and gentle way. The trained staff ensures that every cat receives personalized care, tailored precisely to their specific needs. Happy Cat Spa even offers a special “Spa Club” membership, which earns cat parents 20% off grooming services when kept to a regular schedule.

Check out the virtual tour and see more of what the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa has to offer. From thoughtfully designed indoor spaces to themed rooms and spa facilities, every aspect of our hotel provides an unforgettable experience for your beloved pet. Book your cat’s next vacation Happy Cat Hotel and Spa, where we are upsetting the “catus” quo – and giving cats the purr-fect getaway they deserve!

Happy Cat Hotel Windsor staff photo

If you haven’t noticed, the business of owning a Happy Cat Hotel and Spa is a booming one! Doesn’t this sound like a fun place to be – and an even more fun place to work? Owning your own Happy Cat Hotel and Spa is just a few clicks away, and we’re already excited to hear from you!

A Final Word

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