Virginia is for (Cat) Lovers: New Happy Cat Hotel Opens in Alexandria

The Happy Cat Hotel is proud to announce we’ve awarded our first non-corporately owned franchise to Leanne McRoberts and Jackie Warbis, who will be opening their new location in Alexandria, Virginia on Sunday, Nov. 14. The state’s tourism motto is, “Virginia Is For Lovers”, but we’d like to add one all-important word suggestion on the heels of this great news: “Virginia Is For (Cat) Lovers”. 

Happy Hat Hotel & Franchising Virginia

The Happy Cat Hotel of Alexandria is a new 20-room, feline exclusive luxury hotel and grooming center. Our corporate office helped them with their site selection, as they chose a building lease in the Duke Street Center in Alexandria, Va., located at 2391 South Dove St. and will begin accepting reservations ahead of next month’s grand opening ceremony.

The news of Happy Cat Hotel’s new franchised location in Virginia was picked up by PETS+ Magazine, as well as Pet Age Magazine, as both media outlets published the announcement and included a photo of McRoberts and Warbis. 


As a brand, we’re continuing to grow our network of franchised locations across the U.S. The Happy Cat Hotel was named a “Brand to Watch” by Franchise Dictionary, one of the “20 Best Franchises of 2020” by Aspioneer Magazine for pioneers and was officially named “The World’s Greatest Cat Hotel”, as featured on World’s Greatest Television Program. We’re also currently working behind the scenes on a brand-new media opportunity featuring a profile of Happy Cat Hotel founder, Chris Raimo—but we can’t give away the details just yet!


If you’re ready to consider just how your life might change as the owner of a Happy Cat Hotel & Spa of your own, reach out and schedule an initial conversation with us. You might just make the perfect addition to our growing family of Happy Cat Hotel and Spa owners!