All About the Build-Out: How Happy Cat Helps Franchisees

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The new year is now in full swing and it’s not too late to make your entrepreneurial dream come true – perhaps as a Happy Cat franchisee. Because with Happy Cat’s unprecedented support, that dream might actually be closer than you think. From the word “go”, Happy Cat stands behind their franchisees in a show of support. Especially in one key area of establishing a new business: the build-out. It’s an area we place a lot of focus and energy, as we understand that the first months of launching a new business can be overwhelming.

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Why is site selection and build-out so important? Well, without establishing the right location, your new business can begin at a disadvantage. In this month’s blog, we’re going to discuss the specific, step-by-step assistance that our franchisees can count on.

Site Selection

Happy Cat provides our new franchisees with access to an experienced commercial real estate agent, as well as a site selection specifications brochure to assist in your local search and lease negotiations. The process of elimination can be exhausting, but the Happy Cat team insists on reviewing all suitable properties. At a minimum, we can help weed out any locations that aren’t really worth your time to consider.

Building the Perfect Feline-Themed Hotel

Once the all-important location question has been settled and secured, the build-out preparation process can begin. As a franchisee, we’ll begin by introducing you to our licensed architect and design engineers who have previous experience with building Happy Cat Hotels. Our design specifications book is released to the franchisee upon signing and is to be used as the guiding light for how your new franchise location will be constructed. Don’t worry about anything getting off-track – we ensure that the lines of communication stay open among all parties on a regular basis. This responsive line of communication helps to ensure that any questions or concerns are resolved right away, allowing for a smooth and timely turnaround during the design phase.

Assembling Your Team

When it comes time to bring your Happy Cat design concept to life, our construction project manager will help you establish a budget and even help you locate national, regional, or locally based general contractors who can provide project bids. The Happy Cat construction project manager acts as the primary contact with the building team and coordinates with general contractors, architects and maintaining our brand standards. Whatever your questions may be regarding Happy Cat’s standards for design, materials, and equipment, the construction project manager is there to help guide and inform the contractors. Furthermore, in rare instances where we don’t see eye-to-eye on the contractor’s estimates, we’re prepared to mobilize our internal resources to get the job done right.

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Developing a new Happy Cat location is an exciting occasion, one where you can count on our support every step of the way. We’re by your side for a good reason – to guide you in the development of a new location that meets our brand standards. Currently, our Happy Cat owners in Alexandria, VA are expanding to two new additional locations, and a brand-new build-out is underway for a new Happy Cat Hotel franchise location in Scarsdale, NY. It’s a wonderful time to be a Happy Cat Hotel owner, as our locations are thriving and expanding, spreading the feline-style love and support, while upsetting the “Catus-Quo!”

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