Why Should Dogs Have All the Fun?

Because you can’t begin an insightful blog without statistics, here is a fun fact for you to consider about pet ownership in the U.S. According to the American Pet Products Association, a nonprofit trade industry group that tracks spending, these are some discrepancies about dog vs. cat ownership, along with a truth-telling update to put things in perspective!

  • In a U.S. population estimated at over 330 million, approximately 63.4 million people own dogs and 42.7 million own cats. However, dogs total 89.7 million and cats total 95.6 million. In reality, cats outnumber dogs by almost six million! Are you starting to see the real gap between demand and supply?

So, why should dogs have all the fun? It’s time to disrupt the CATUS QUO!

If you want to make your own contribution in the pet care industry and agree that cats deserve “Equal Treatment Under the Paw”, we have a business proposition for you. A way to establish your own pawprint in the pet care space and become your own boss in the process. It’s in a recession-resistant industry that brought in $90 billion last year, predicted to grow beyond $100 billion in 2021…

Happy Cat Hotel & Spa is the only cat-centric boarding, grooming and daycare concept in the franchising world. The business model is not only simple, but profitable as well. Every year, thousands of people make their dreams come true by career transitioning to franchise ownership. Instead of toiling away making other people money, you can become an entrepreneur—using your pet care experience to make a difference in a completely untapped market. That’s right—untapped. Think of all the dog kennel/day care concepts. With one on every corner, that’s a lot of competition. But a concept designed just for felines? We’re the one and only— 

Becoming a Happy Cat Hotel & Spa franchise owner is easier than you think. After taking advantage of the nominal cost of entry (lower than 90% of similar concepts), it’s easy to own, operate and have fun. And you’ll have all the support and validation you need from us. Keep this in mind—with franchising, you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Lastly, Happy Cat Hotel’s flagship location has seen an average growth of 24% year over year.

If you’re ready to consider how your life might change as the owner of your own pet care business, reach out and schedule an initial conversation with us. You can take all of the combined pet care experience you’ve earned and make a difference—this time around, as a true feline entrepreneur

Together, we can show the world that dogs don’t get to have all the fun.