Happy Cat Hotel Comes to Albuquerque, NM

Meet Martha Plummer, the newest franchise owner with Happy Cat Hotel & Spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

We are purring with excitement to announce the latest addition to the Happy Cat Hotel family! We hope you’ll help give Martha Plummer of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a round of “our-paws” (get it, applause?). That’s our new franchisee Martha above, posing with her two feline friends, ‘Rocky Road’ and ‘Twinkie.’ We think she – and her beautiful cats – are simply a purr-fect fit for our franchise opportunity, and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

A Little About Martha

Martha is a self-styled cat fanatic who grew up in the small town of Kailua, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. But she’s spent plenty of time on the mainland since her early years. She left Oahu to attend college at Arizona State University. Her first post-college graduate job took her to Newark, New Jersey, where she stayed for about six years. Martha then took a job with Merck Animal Health as a pharmaceutical sales representative in Albuquerque and has been there ever since. As we say, it never hurts to have prior pet-related experience if you want to be a Happy Cat Hotel owner!

Martha Plummer and her cats

How She Found the Happy Cat Hotel

After an illustrious 23-year career in the pharmaceutical sales industry, Martha decided she wanted to find an entrepreneurial opportunity where she’d have the ability to work with cats every day (smart choice!). She was working with her business coach to find the right franchise opportunity, but a random Google search led Martha to the Happy Cat Hotel site. She sent off an information request immediately. Looking to make contact right away, she didn’t have the patience to wait for a callback – she contacted CEO Chris Raimo before he could even reply! After an initial discovery session phone call with the Happy Cat founder and CEO, Martha knew in her heart that she was destined to be a part of our franchise family, dedicated to upsetting the “Catus Quo!” Seven months after her initial inquiry into Happy Cat Hotel, she has become an exciting addition to our family and the brand’s newest franchisee.

A Born Cat-Lover

Martha has been a cat-lover since childhood and gained an even stronger reputation for this love in the eyes of her pharmaceutical clients along the way. Martha says that her colleagues could clearly tell she had a passion for selling feline-related products more than the canine variety. She admits that cats hold a special place in her heart and would always “light up” when she encountered a feline patient while calling on her veterinary clients. To her credit, she has two precious felines at home, which she often spoils: Twinkie and Rocky Road (also pictured above).

Martha and Family

Martha is accustomed to caretaking – not just for her beautiful fur babies but also for her human family. Martha is a loving caregiver for her 81-year-old mother and her 60-year-old special needs sister at home. This lady knows about caregiving and loves her family – human and feline alike! Martha spends her downtime enjoying an array of activities, including working out, gardening, crafting, and traveling. But of course, nothing beats a good book and kitty snuggles, in Martha’s opinion.

Martha is currently going through the site selection process to find the most suitable location for her Albuquerque-based Happy Cat Hotel. We’ll keep an eye out because we can’t wait to announce the location and opening date of Martha’s Happy Cat Hotel franchise. As you can see, the Happy Cat Hotel is a close-knit “pride” of cat lovers and advocates – and groomers/caretakers. Learning more about Happy Cat Hotel is easy. As it turns out, you don’t need to wait for our reply – call us right up! Who knows? You could be the next new Happy Cat Hotel owner!

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